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Become an Autentico Stockist


Retailers of all sizes and from many different sectors are always on the look out for great products to keep their customers happy, and we’re always looking for ways to get our magnificent product out into the marketplace for even more people to enjoy.

We are currently looking for retailers to market and sell our products throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland & Scotland; if that is something you might want to be involved in, we’d love to hear from you.  

It is not difficult to identify the growing trend for up-cycling, look at any of the Interior Magazines and you will see pages dedicated to this movement. The Autentíco range of products are particularly suitable to this activity.


Autentíco Chalk Paint is a product that is currently in a growth phase both in Ireland and across Europe.  The product enjoys a strong following with artisans, the ‘do-it-yourselfer’ and the professional interior design sector with customers travelling to seek out merchandise, resulting in an increase in footfall to your store. 

Your pricing strategy will deliver a healthy margin and Authentic Chalk Paint delivers an impressive return per square foot of retail space in-store. 


Allie Mae Paints is appointed as the Distributor for Autentíco products in Northern Ireland, Ireland & Scotland.  We are looking to appoint a select number of stockists in both urban and rural locations.  

Conditions to be fulfilled to become an Autentíco stockist

It is important to us that the product is seen, therefore a shop or a showroom is a must, with the capacity to give the Autentíco brand a prominent position.  Ideally you should have some items painted with the product on display at all times.  While it is almost impossible to stock the entire range, your customers must feel  that they can visit and view a healthy stock level, they must also be served and advised with regard to technical enquiries, application techniques and colour advice.  This means you would be required to hold a stock value of approx £600 / €600 (trade price).

Starting up

Based on our experience, we advise you to pick a palette of 20 - 30 colours from our scheme. After that you can gradually increase the amount of colours or extend the product range.  Following the initial allocation there is no minimum order.
We want to work with you to ensure that you are an successful Autentíco stockist
We are particularly interested in talking to proprietors of a range of shops including, but not limited to, home interior shops, gift shops,  furniture shops and lifestyle centres.  If you feel you have the capacity to stock this exceptional product please contact us for more information.